Patridge Produces Pickles

Harry Partridge is an animation student at UCCA in Surrey, England, and for his latest class deadline, he submitted a Flash-animated short titled Jimmy Tickles’ Magic Pickles. The class was limited to 2-minutes running time, and Partridge used this opportunity to try out the tween function in Flash. Tweening can be a tough nut to crack, but the results here are smooth and snappy.


  1. Woah… that looks great.

  2. a really nice short! great animation. shame that illustator Scott Morse already has a book published called Magic Pickle.


  3. Wish my student stuff looked like that……….

  4. Great student work,

    Design and direction are very successful, Animation is good too, a little bit much on the squash and stretch at times but overall this is great stuff!

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