Trickorscript Parents New Bone Plugin

Alan Camilo’s Flash plugins at have taken the character animation world by storm. Out of the box, Flash is relatively animator-friendly, but with plugins the software becomes more tailored to the exact needs of the animator.

His latest offering is Bone Parenting, which released today. With a price tag of $29.99 USD, artists can create IK puppets that act like paper dolls. Camilo is also offering a 20-day free trial.

Artists who use Flash to move pose-to-pose may not find a great deal of use in this tool, but so often the software is used to animate stock model characters, re-using the same core set of symbols over and over. For this style of production, Bone Parenting would be a time-saver of immense proportions.

Also – keep your eyes glued here for another plugin that Camilo is working on. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. This looks very promising. The 20 day trial will be excellent to test it out. The rest of the plugins on the site look amazing, thanks for posting. I am definitely going to try some of these out.

  2. Immature January 10, 2008

    I got a “bone” you can “parent”.

  3. thanks for posting,
    i am gonna try it out. and 30$ for a license is not much, if it proves usable.

  4. Stickman January 18, 2008

    It would be better if the bones had inverse kinematic too, or bone simulation.

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