Battle Pope Enters Spike’s Comedy Chapel

Robert Kirkman, a popular comic book writer, has built his Battle Pope property into an animated web series. It’s actually a comic that was created by both Kirkman and Tony Moore, an artist who is known for his horror and science fiction work. Spike TV teamed up with Kirkman and Moore to produce the animated series, which can now been seen at This Flash-animated series was directed by Miguel Martinez-Joffre, produced by World Leaders, and animated by Justin Offner, Art Siriamonthep, Yuri Fain and Joe Cappabianca. There’s a pair of “celebrity” voices on the series – Ze Frank plays Battle Pope and Christian Finnegan (VH1′s Best Week Ever) plays Jesus. Here’s an episode titled Paying Dues.

You can see a behind the scenes piece over at, where you’ll hear Kirkmain explain that the show is about “superhero Pope and his little sidekick Jesus kicking demon ass.”


  1. Haha, They messed up my smoke animation! That loop is popping something awful…

    Battle Pope is funny.

  2. This was directed by Miguel Martinez-Joffre

  3. In a word……GARBAGE. Hmmmm…wouldn’t it be awesome if he could battle The Mad Muslim or Vengeful Vishnu or The Bashing Budda? Huh? cool?….oh, but that would be so intolerant.

  4. Rob! What the hell is wrong with you! This is a place where we come to offer support and constructive criticism for our fellow artist and to check out projects/shows that we might not be able to catch on tv. Your stupid ass might not like the project but a group of artist put a lot of effort and time into making something like this…plus they got paid for it! I’ve learned one thing working in this industry…stuff like this means work and jobs and that is always a great thing for us animation artist considering how hard and far between work is here in NY for us! So Back off!

  5. Pat;
    Oh, I see…unless I like everything on here or agree with you then I’m not allowed to post. You’re the one that needs to back off and cool down with the insults. You can shoot your pretty mouth off all you like, but this is an open forum and I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are. If you go back and R-E-A-D my post, you’d see that the issue is not the efforts or hard work that others put into this project. The issue is the subject matter itself. If you are willing to work on anything for money then so be it, but at the sacrifice of common decency, some pocket change and a warm meal, then I think you call that artistic prostitution. Step to the side and have a nice day.

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