Condon Creates For College Recruiting

Jason Condon created this TV spot for Holland College, and then wound up staring in it too – or at least his back did. Condon was brought in by Moses Media, and then Condon teamed up with Troy Little who created the background art. The animated elements were created in Flash, but eventually the spot was re-built using some 3D artwork.


  1. Hey. Thanks for the plug! Love the re-design of the site.

  2. Hey Jason, Troy…lookin’ good! And can you say ‘Nice backside”…you gots a career ahead of you man.

  3. M.T. Chiswell February 22, 2008

    That’s pretty shnazz!

  4. Hey.. Just thought I’d mention that the Moses Media that I worked with was a local Company based out of Charlottetown, Prince Edward island. Here’s their link Not much there though :) .. And thanks for the backside comments Kyle.. Nice to know you still care..

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