Condon’s UPA Homage For Dyadem

Last week we featured Jason Condon’s TV spot for Holland College, which was animated in a style reminiscent of an 80s cartoon – ala He-man. Condon’s style-bank must be rich, as he effortlessly pulled off this 60s UPA homage for Dyadem. It was animated in one week using Flash 8.


  1. Wow!
    I feel like when people thoughtlessly associate any flat Flash animation with the ‘UPA style’, they forget that besides the similarities in some character design, most UPA projects also had fantastic animation. So I feel like this little piece is a worthy comparison! I love it!

  2. Geesh.. Thanks :) That means alot as I love the old UPA stuff. I got to see a retrospective of some classic UPA work at the Ottawa Animation Festival one year and it just floored me. So this was a very daunting project for me to take on.

    I should mention that alot of the credit should go to Mr . Chuck Gammage himself. The designs were so nailed down in the ruff boards that he gave me that I only really had to worry about the color and line weight. Chuck’s the man! :)

  3. Very very nice………very nice!!!

  4. that was grrrreat!..he earned his stripes fo sho.

  5. Fantastic work here! Beautiful! I certainly wasn’t expecting this to be so awesome after reading the “animated in 1 week” line. I always cringe when I hear “animated in 1 week” or “1 day” or “1 hour” using Flash! I know to some that is an important point, but I equate it to “She’s got a great personality!” It can still be crap no matter how long or short the animation took. Well done!

  6. Holy moley, Jason. Your fantastic work profiled twice in as many weeks! Just don’t let it go to your head! (Sheesh, the ego on this guy!)

  7. Haha.. Thanks Campbell :) . Trust me.. My head’s still the same shrunken size it was. I agree Loosetoon. That phrase always makes me nervous as well. And I do know that some of this suffered because of that. I know I suffered a bit because of it :) . Thanks for the comments.

  8. When I do something and it takes “only a week”…I back it up by saying it took me 46 years to be able to do it in a week…

  9. Yes, well done my son.

  10. Very good work – Inspiring!!!

  11. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the comments.

    In response to your comment Joe I’m 32 and have been in the industry for 5 years. All of it in flash animation in one way or another. And I only really mentioned that “I did it in one week” as an excuse for a couple of the shots that I felt kinda sucked. Mostly due to total lack of sleep at the end of the deadline. Sorry if anyone took that any other way. :)

    Thanks again everyone.

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