Esurance Brings PWRFL Power to New Ad

If this Esurance commercial doesn’t immediately make sense, you’re not alone. The singer/songwriter Kazutaka Nomura won a chance to be in the TV spot at the 2007 Capitol Hill Block Party Block Star contest in Seattle, and his music drives the most unusual Esurance commercial to date – titled PWRFL Power, which is Nomura’s stage name.


  1. Im sorry, but this is the worst esurance advert ive seen and I usually like them…and the musician hurts my ears. I think they may of been out of ideas that month. hehehe

  2. Ditto.

  3. Kaz grows on you every time you listen. Give him another chance!

  4. Shawn June 4, 2008

    this song is horrible

  5. Ugh. I saw this on T.V. the other day- It’s even worse there. This is a very poorly sung song, with uncreative lyrics. The only thing good about it is, admittedly, the guitar. Esurance isn’t exactly known for great ads, but this is the worst to date. Some parts were too lazy, others were too tight. WAAY too high-pitched. He should get some training, and if he’s still that bad, just quit. The commercial itself was ‘okay’.

  6. roberrrt June 26, 2008

    Ah, come on guys, go back to your Celine Dion and other crap records and leave Kaz alone (yeah, I know you’ve got a Matchbox 20 record somewhere in your collection. Yuck!). The dude is flat F***in brilliant. Awesome guitar, charming lyrics, and a very engaging presentation. I’m not so happy that he’s in an esurance commercial, but if it helps him make money, I’m all for it, cause he deserves to be making a living doing his music. All the top-40 wanker/sheep won’t get it, but that stuff’s all totally lame anyway. Go Kaz!

  7. The song grates on my every nerve, like fingernails on a chalkboard. Paired with a very asinine commercial – even by Esurance standards – and I feel my soul dying a little every time the commercial comes on. Entirely reusing assets and animations from previous commercials? The entire spot probably took 10 minutes to produce. Maybe Esurance’s budget is dwindling, because consumers are realizing they’re one of the most inept insurance companies in the free world.

  8. Kaz writes wonderfully clever songs, some of which are better than others, but this snippet is great. Like the above said, give him another chance! He totally grows on you.

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