Mason Squeezes Out Kid Man and Lemon Promo

Chuck Gammage, who animated on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, has created a new series concept titled The Kid Man and Lemon Show. To bring the show to life, Gammage called upon Jamie Mason, who directed and animated this promo below for Chuck Gammage Animation Inc.

Mason’s crew included a talented roster – Rex Hackleberg provided the conceptual art and design, layouts were designed by Graham Falk, inks by Mike Geiger and BGs by Clive Powsey.

I also found a plush sample of this new crime-fighting duo, designed by Rachel Peters.


  1. so….. is lemon a lime?

  2. Wow! That was great!

  3. I’m surprised neptoon didn’t design the characters.

  4. Lemons are green and limes are yellow in Venezuela. Not that that matters in this case.

  5. Freakin awesome!!! Love the Roger Ramjet vibe to it!!

  6. Hobo Divine February 28, 2008

    Dearest “fatchuck”

    Yes cartoons can sometimes be confusing the way they deviate from logic, but this is partially why they are so enjoyable.


  7. Crazy. Solid gold design. You guys are the best.

  8. Dearest “hobo”

    it’s ok to admit you colored him with the wrong color. shouldn’t that plush be green too?

  9. haaaaaaaaaa

    SO good! :)

    See, cartoons CAN still be fun!

    Go Chuck! Go Chuck!!!… (AND ‘Lemon’ team, of course)

  10. Now this is how cartoons should be made!!

  11. Not lemon.

    Not lime.


  12. Very coolio.

  13. Tony Acworth February 29, 2008

    Very Jamie!
    Always a fan..this looks great guys!

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