Rektor Calls Upon Agens To Capture Princess

To create a Flash-animated music video for their song Princess, the Norwegian band Rektor called upon their fellow countrymen Peter Måseide and Kim Lid, directors at Agens.

Harboring a passion for C64 (Commodore 64) graphics, the Rektor team swims in 80s pop culture. Want proof? Check the band member’s names – Magnum, Don Johnson and, my favorite, Jan F. Kennedy (okay, so they slipped in one 60′s reference). So it should come as no surprise that their video is filled with allusions to Pac-Man, Track & Field, Space Invaders, Rampage, Pitfall, Chopper Command, Super Mario Brothers and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Any other references I missed?


  1. You missed the Prince of Persia reference

  2. Oh yuck. This is hideously terrible. Bad music; ugly Ren-and-Stimpy-gone-8-bit animation, and bad music.

  3. Mortimer Chiswell February 10, 2008

    I think you also missed International Karate and a fleeting reference to Donkey kong in the opening!

    I didn’t care for the music at all or the 8-bit look…I’m from exactly that era and those are totally my first games (actually, pong and Snake were) but this clone just couldn’t do much to keep my attention. I switched off halfway through. Sorry :(

    Junior Senior did a much better job of it with “Move your feet”, imho.

    Also, of lesser importance: Grand theft Auto: Vice City had exactly the same opening (typing in C64 screen + hacker opening). I’m sure that’s not the only place that it’s been done.

    Keep postin’!

  4. Mortimer Chiswell February 10, 2008

    How does it have to do with Ren & Stimpy though!? Weird.

  5. the song is brilliant!

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