Swarr Powers Up For Mario Bros and I Am 8-bit

Gabe Swarr, a Spumco-trained Flash-animator and a director on Nickelodeon’s El Tigre, has managed to find time on the side to produce a few shorts. Aside from the Donkey Kong clip we featured here last month, Swarr has also produced a Mario Bros. short titled What the Shell?!, which he submitted to the Nintendo Short Cuts Showcase contest. He produced the entire short in a weekend along with help from Tony Mora, who supplied the background paintings.

Swarr also produced an intro video for I Am 8-Bit, Jon Gibson’s video game focused media company.


  1. One small correction. Gabe is a director on El Tigre. Fred Osmond is our assistant director. Otherwise, another flawless entry.

  2. Wow, that Mario short was fantastic.

  3. M.T. Chiswell February 22, 2008

    That Mario short is many times funnier, better executed and plusgood conceived than the three winners combined. Sorry, winners.

  4. Hobo Divine February 27, 2008

    Gabe you’re the BEST!

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