Trussell Enjoys the Ride With Morcheeba

If you’re like me, you first got to know Joel Trussell by way of his music videos. His viking-inspired video for Jason Forrest’s War Photographer put him on the animation map, and thanks to his Chinese Translation video, we’ve gotten to know a great new musical artist – M. Ward.

Joel continues his assault on the music video world with Enjoy the Ride, the first single from Morcheeba’s latest album Dive Deep, which released just last week.


  1. In my opinion Joel Trussell is up there with Don Hertzfeldt in the category of top indy animator. I’m always excited when he releases a new video.

  2. that was beautiful mate, keep up the goodwork

  3. I agree with Mike. Joel’s work is some of my favorite stuff because
    the design stands out & the mood it sets is unique. I’m a huge fan! (especially of the orange fish in this case)

  4. Trussel knocks another one out of the park!

  5. this guy makes the best music videos.

  6. Hobo Divine February 29, 2008

    Joel THIS IS AWESOME… You have this amazing ability of mixing scary with funny! I can’t explain it. I love the fire, such bizarre colours schemes but they all work so well and so appealing, thank you.

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