Viewers Cry Foul Over Flash Animated Super Bowl Spot

According to an article in the New York Times written by Stuart Elliott, two Flash-animated Super Bowl commercials drew heavy viewer complaints. The spots were posted here earlier this week, and the spot titled Panda features what some consider offensive accents.

According to the article, An Ad With Talking Pandas, Maybe, but Not With Chinese Accents, the CEO of InfoUSA (the parent company), Vinod Gupta, is now in hot water.

Watch the spots here.

What’s your take – offensive? Funny? Both?

Thanks to Ryan Simmons for the tip.


  1. Superturbosonic February 6, 2008

    When I saw this ad on the Superbowl, I cringed. Not because I find it offensive, but because I know in this hypersensitive society that we live in, someone will find it offensive. There are people who are always looking to be offended. I look at it like this, southern accents on cartoon characters aren’t by themselves offensive, neither are New York, Boston, Chicago, British, Cockney, Australian, French, etc. It’s really only when stereotypes associated with that ethnic background are used that the whole thing is demeaning and offensive. The idea that Chinese accents were used for characters that were pandas, which are primarily from China is not offensive to me. Remember, this is a cartoon. Even caucasian cartoon characters have “cartoony” voices. So, to avoid offending anyone, should the pandas have had a Brooklyn Jewish accent?

  2. Jimmy McKee (Cyber Fox) February 6, 2008

    It seems to me this is just Political Correctness in action, AGAIN!

    Sure, Viacom’s Comedy Central can get away with bashing other people’s race and gender but, other people like NO!

  3. Remyzero February 6, 2008

    I hate this political correctness crap, everybody gets offended so easily nowadays. I thought it was funny, and accents is what makes people different, I have a mexican accent, and I embrace it. If I see a cartoon or a skit with mexican accents, I don’t get offended, people need to relax.

  4. Pamela Okiyama February 7, 2008

    It’s not so much of the accent that bothered me as it did with the words they say…

    Tin-Tin: I’m not going back to the zoo!

    Chin-Chin: Kids, do you want to see the grizzly bears in the zoo?

    True I was bothered by the above dialogue but in a funny sort of way. LOL

  5. Hahahaha.

    Ok thats just hilarious. Ok is it just me, or could it be that all the fuss is over the accents not being “authentic”?

    Afterall there pretty horrendous.

    Sounds like someone who obviously isn’t chinese trying hard and failing miserably at doing a chinese accent.

  6. I vote for the Brooklyn Jewish Panda’s!

  7. what’s offensive? I went to india and that is how people sound. What is offensive is to suggest that someone’s accent is offensive simply because it is different.

    How do the numbskulls that watch the super bowl know they are getting offended anyway? Are they prompted somehow?

    ‘Vive la difference!!!’ or ‘Yaaaay for difference, high five!!!!’

  8. If the creators get sued, “political correctnes” has finally killed freedom of speech und thus humour in America. Poor world. :/

  9. I thought it was funny. People need to lighten up. In this day and age, you can’t say anything without offending somebody. There are so many wannabe victims out there, there are so many people who are just looking to be offended. Personally I think that there is money and media exposure to be made from victimhood, which is why we have so many interests groups out there. They need stuff like this so they justify their existence and their government grants.

  10. Only problem I had was with the character names and the ‘Chip n’ Dale’ accents. Honestly, how hard could it have been to find a couple of voice actors with Cantonese accents, for the love of corn? Still, kinda mid eighties ‘Police Academy’ era cheesy, but offensive? Gimme the break.

  11. What a fuss over nothing, if they get sued over this that really will be ridiculous.

  12. Midnight Flasher February 7, 2008

    I was more offended by the bad animation. There I said it. And isn’t that the same guy who did Mr. Wong’s voice?

  13. I was mostly offended by the colours and the general creepiness of it. It just all has a harsh feeling to it. Maybe it was the voices. The accents didn’t bug me.

    They weren’t running a dry cleaning/laundry place, they weren’t stupid, they weren’t mean….they were just down on their luck. I don’t see ANY reason to get upset except maybe over some creative choices they made.

    For a very expensive Superbowl ad, the animation studio got away with murder. Free publicity and they’re not gonna be liable. Whee!

  14. Well maybe if I had never seen an episode of The Simpsons, or Futurama, or King of the Hill, or Camp Lazlo, or My Gym Partner is a Monkey or…geeze louise what cartoon made for people from 12 to 40 doesn’t do this all the time?

  15. Hahaha, go back and look at my comment on the original posting about these commercials ( I predicted this, and it wasn’t hard.

  16. Offensive, yes. The animation, that is.

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