Roger, Jack and Nick Team For Kids’ Choice Awards

Roger, based in downtown LA, recently added their motion graphics mojo to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (tomorrow night 8pm) promos which star returning host Jack Black. Roger partnered up with Pick of Destiny writer/director Liam Lynch on this comedic AD/DC homage below, which includes seamlessly composited live-action, 3D animation, hand-drawn and Flash-animated work. Stick around for an interview after the video….


AARON SIMPSON: What was the overall design concept for the promotional pieces?

TEAM ROGER: The design concept came from this year’s KCA slogan of When Hollywood meets slime! We took iconic Hollywood elements and tried to represent what would happen if the Nickelodeon brand crashed into them. We knew we wanted something gooey and organic that would fit well with Nickelodeon’s style.

Liam Lynch (Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic) directed the live action shoot. He provided a rough animatic which a had a general direction for the storyline. From there, we begin designing panoramic storyboards of the cityscape and main environments. After editing the footage, we designed storyboards full of details of the execution of every shot. Next we created an animatic that included audio, footage, and storyboards. Finally, we put our animation team into full production.

AARON: Which artists created the look?

TEAM ROGER: The look was created in a collaborative effort between Nickelodeon, Liam Lynch and Roger. Our design team included Brian Gossett (lead designer) and Jake Portman (Art Director) as well as the (3) Creative Directors of Roger, lead by Terence Lee.

AARON: How was Flash a part of the production pipeline?

TEAM ROGER: Flash was used to animate specific elements we wanted to have a hand drawn feel.

AARON: Which elements of the spots were created in Flash?

TEAM ROGER: The Flash animations include the Splat type as Jack jumps out of the plane in the first shot, the letters Jack is Back throughout the motorcycle scene, and the birds circling Jack’s head on the end shot.

AARON: Did artists draw directly into the program, or were pencil sketches scanned into the software?

TEAM ROGER: For the Splat animation, we first created the type in Illustrator and worked backwards, re-drawing each frame with the onionskin feature until each letter was complete. In the point of the animation where the type turns into one big glob, we drew each frame in individually until it fell off frame.

AARON: We used the same technique for the Jack is Back letters: starting with vector type and re-drawing each frame with the onionskin feature.

TEAM ROGER: The birds began with a simple 3d bird animation as a guide. After illustrating the bird, we did a quick pencil sketch of the body and head then moved to the wing movements. From there we cleaned up the bird and drew it in frame by frame using a Wacom tablet.


Client: Nickelodeon
VP/Creative Director, On Air and Movie Promotions: Jay Schmalholz
Director of Production, On Air Promotions: Christina Augustinos
Supervising Producer, On Air Promotions: Mike Tricario

Production Company: Ignition Films
Live Action Director: Liam Lynch

Animation/Design Production: Roger
Creative Directors: Terence Lee, Vasil Hnatiuk, Mark Yamamoto
Art Director: Jake Portman
Lead Designer: Brian Gossett
Compositor: Erin Bosworth
Animators: Zack Nederlander, David Lewandowski, Jose Acosta
Lead Flash Animator: Kenneth Macy
Executive Producer: Sarah Cole
Producer: Elaina Porter
Sound design & Mix: Mike Barrett from Creative Bubble


  1. Awesome visuals! Too much eye candy for one video hah!

  2. This is so Funkin amazing, I dont understand it, dagnabbit I hate these people… HAHA JP, this is so SICK!!!

  3. Great composition and timing!

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