Sacks and Cowles Added to TMBG Team

Adam Sacks and David Cowles recently co-directed this multi-lingual animated short I Can Add, from the They Might Be Giants album/DVD Here Come The 123s.


Sacks and Cowles had an A-list name of artists helping with the final animation, including Joe Apel, Pedro Delgado, Nelson Diaz, Jeff Fletcher, Aya Fukuda, Casey Leonard, Jonathan Renoni, Thomas Sebasian Smolenski, Joe Stucky and Joe Quinones.

Head over to Adam’s site to see the animatic (Quicktime) from I Can Add.


  1. Really fantastic! A delight to watch.

  2. stinkbucket March 20, 2008

    I wish I had moves as good as those kids and that squirrel!

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