Sissy Work For Bobiak

Cory Bobiak, a character designer in Canada, produced a rather haunting music video for the Global Underground artist Sissy. The track is titled All Under and it was animated entirely in Flash by Logan McNeil and Jamie Whitney.

The video played at the 2006 Canadian RESfest tour.


  1. I was really inspired by that piece

  2. Quite moxie!!

    Love the pacing.

  3. fantastic!

  4. Fuckin brilliant!

    REal nice work, kept me glued!

  5. cory bobiak April 9, 2008

    Thanks Gene

  6. Steve Boeckler November 17, 2008

    I always knew you were a big sissy Bobiak. This confirmed it.

    I do love the video though. The parts that Jamie and Logan did at least…

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