Titmouse Hearts Their Animation Staff

On Valentine’s Day, Titmouse Inc, the Hollywood-based animation studio, announced that their animation staff would have the entire workday to create whatever they wanted. Nearly everyone who took part used Flash in their productions, and below are the results – 10 shorts for your viewing pleasure.

[playlist id=8 width=425 height=450]

If you have one, list your favorite in the comments below


  1. hey, great idea!
    i liked the nose of antonio the best. rape dog comes in second.

  2. the world is a much better place with these shorts in it….titmouse is fucking awesome!

  3. field trip day. hands down.

  4. rape Dog! lol

  5. Rabbits on a rainbow, presidential assassination, *and* dogs humping a giant sea cucumber? Sign me up for that field trip!

  6. Field Trip! That was awesome. I can’t get that song out of my head.

  7. John Oakley March 15, 2008

    Andrade and Deluca’s “untitled” was the stand-out animation for me…

  8. field trip day! that song…couldn’t stop giggling

  9. field trip day followed by the weird rape dog….

  10. Field trip day! :D Style breakdown also made me laugh…

  11. er…beatdowns. ‘Style beatdowns.’ I suck.

  12. rape dog is hands down the best short. if you disagree you’re lame.

  13. Armabot April 22, 2008

    My favourite is “Field Trip Day”. But all of them worth watching. Good job!

  14. ok.. Rape dog is already a classic.. the best. Agree with Spit & Spite.

  15. Field Trip Day was great but Rape Dog made me laugh out loud. Terrific.

  16. HAHAHA!!! Felipe Salazar wins my vote by far! Rape Dog was fun too.

  17. Rape dog is numero uno. Then Style beatdowns

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