Channel Frederator Awards Flash Fest

Channel Frederator Awards will take place on June 4th in New York City, and I hereby implore you, as a Flash-loving fool, to go vote – especially in the Best Flash Film category. Last year Jessica Borutski took the top prize for her I Like Pandas short, and this year the 3 finalists should all be familiar to CHF regulars – The Bros. McLeod (The M Man), Doug Bresler (Trapped in the Drive-thru) and Chris Harding (Make Mine Shoebox). We posted about Make Mine Shoebox, a collaboration between Maura Cluthe and Harding, back in 2005 – but let’s enjoy that again…

Alex Dron, who was featured here back in November, is up for the Kiwi Award, which will highlight the top film from New Zealand. His short Fot is up against Mukpuddy’s Sparkle Friends – go vote!


  1. hey hey,

    dont forget that my “anfang anzufangen” is nominated in “foreign film” and “music video”, too. ;)


  2. common,
    gimme some loving :(

  3. When all is said and done, lets not forget that in the end Animation is the winner on the day, especially if the animation that wins is ours;)


  4. Thanks for the shout out Aaron. The more the animation community supports our awards, the more we’ll be able to do. Go! Cold! Hard! Flash!

  5. voting for FOT will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.*

    *may not actually be true..

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