Flash Films From Glasgow’s Ferguson

David Ferguson, an animator in Glasgow, has started uploading several of his Flash-animated shorts to YouTube. His use of suggestive backgrounds and quirky character designs immediately captured my attention, and his kooky, bittersweet storytelling is quite refreshing. So many Flash animators, including myself, strive for slick, fluid animation – but Ferguson crafted his own style that’s a bit jerky, floaty and wonderfully unique. Enough gushing – onto his latest work, titled Terry Runders Kicks a Stone.

I just used the words “quirky,” “kooky,” “floaty” and “jerky” in a single paragraph. Nutty.


  1. that guy is brilliant… I’ve said it once and now this (one) will make it twice

  2. Quirky, kooky, floaty, jerky, and absolutely brilliant! Very funny. I’m off to Youtube to watch the others.

  3. This is my new most favorite thing forever!

  4. Holy crap, this is hilarious!!!

  5. The writing is brilliant. This one is my favorite. http://tinyurl.com/59ou39

  6. Paco Perez April 28, 2008

    I’d rather watch this stuff than almost everything on CN and Nick.



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