Jenkins DVD Project For Primal Screen

Ward Jenkins, a director at commercial animation studio LAIKA/house, created the character animation for Primal Screen’s show reel back in 2006. Jenkins, who runs a popular animation blog, animated the characters traditionally and then scanned the drawings into Flash. Joe Kubesheski then cleaned up his work in the software and created the final sequences below.


  1. Great animation, do you know what did he use for the cleaning? it doesn´t look pencil at all.
    Very smooth.

  2. WOW. I love the way the transitions happened . this feels so deep. Awesome Job, Ward!

  3. awesome. That was one the greatest little bits of animation I’ve ever seen. really. It was so clean and creative. The characters really pulled me in with their unique looks.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for nice comments! And thanks, Aaron, for the mention. I haven’t even written anything up on my blog yet!

    joulimousis: I animated the characters with pencil and paper, had them scanned into Photoshop and created a movie sequence in After Effects. Each transistion/cycle had its own QT movie, and each movie was then brought into Flash. Joe then traced over my pencils, frame by frame, with a few modifications here and there.

    It should be noted that head designer Rick Newcomb was the art director on this project and did all the other environments, motions and effects in After Effects. Stephen Mank did the über-cool music and sound effects.

  5. Hi Ward:

    very nice animation!

    I wonder why you choose to draw your rough in pencil instead of in flash directly? is it because you like the feeling of pencil line?

  6. Holy crap this is awesome!!!

  7. Ernest: absolutely! Although, now that I have a Cintiq at my new job, I might be persuaded to try out drawing in Flash.

  8. Thanks for posting this gem. I’m a big Ward fan and this is a great sample of his talent for character design and animation. I also love the use of color and other details like the sound effects.

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