John K T-Shirts Are Here!

Flash-animation pioneer John Kricfalusi has decided that this year Christmas will fall on April 10th.

The Cold Hard Flash Store just received a shipment of John K t-shirts, all screen-printed on high-quality t-shirt blanks (that’s how they say it in the t-shirt industry – *ahem*) like American Apparel brushed-cotton tees. Don’t believe us – have a look at this Flash-animated promo short.


We enlisted the help of Mike Pataki, the voice-acting legend who plays George Liquor, to ensure that our shirts don’t cause muscle decay. As you can see from this photo, Mike’s muscles are alive and well, and ready to join John K in future George Liquor voice record sessions.

If you order a shirt, rest assured that a professional fulfillment company will be handling your order. At one point, I did have the shirts strewn around my living room, but they’re now safely stored in an Texas warehouse, awaiting your credit card confirmation.

Which one’s your favorite?


  1. John Oakley April 11, 2008

    Has he got any that say “I did John K’s ‘$10,000 animation course’, and because I was over 25, all I got was this lousy T-shirt”?

  2. Alan Jones April 11, 2008

    wow…that looks like the exact coffee table and persian rug I have…if you got that stuff from IKEA too then I know my living room is destined to be a highly efficient fulfillment center as well! Awesome redesign of the site, btw!

  3. Author

    i do have a bunch of IKEA stuff at my house, but the coffee table came from Larry St. John – an amazing place that undercuts IKEA and Restoration Hardware.

  4. hey i don’t think the store’s working…. when i choose shirts the cart doesn’t update with the price… and there’s not an update of the shipping cost… can you give an idea of how much it costs to get 1, 2 or 3 shirts shipped at the cheapest shipping method to los angeles area??? please???

  5. Author

    thank you so much, akira. i just fixed that. the font color was wrong in the store, and now it’s fixed. i truly appreciate your help – the story should give you an idea of the shipping costs now. if not please email me admin (( at ))

  6. I want to buy the girly one, but I’d like to know how much the shipping will cost before I enter my card details.. :) How much would it cost to ship one shirt to the UK?

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