New York Team Reports For Dirty

A teamed led by director Frank Drucker recently created a couple of animated commercials for Huggies, the disposable diaper. The two Flash-animated spots are for the Huggies Cleanteam products, and the project was produced by IBC Digital and Edgeworx. The music video, titled Reporting For Dirty, is currently playing in theaters in front of Horton Hears a Who and other family entertainment films.

The animation team features a handful of New York’s finest, including Mike Carlo, Dagan Moriarty, Matthew I. Jenkins, Sal Iovine, Soonmin Chung, Thomas Smolenski and Dan Forgione who also headed up the animation team.


  1. As a father I know for a fact that diapers alone don’t make everything clean. This commercial would be more effective if they were all cleaning up a giant mess of baby shit.

  2. Good job guys.

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