Radiohead Entries By Flash Animation Folks

A few familiar faces have started submitting their animatics to the Radiohead Animated Music Video Contest over at Aniboom. Have a look, and then go submit your own – only 12 days left!

Mike Hollingsworth chose the Bodysnatchers track for his entry:

Alex Dron and Bede Brown’s take on Jigsaw:

**** UPDATE ****

Ryan Kramer also produced his submission in Flash, for the song All I Need.


  1. I did an animatic in flash..

    Even if i get nothing out of this competition, I got familiar with blocking in scenes to music straight into flash. Lotta fun doing it.

  2. Whoa! Hollingsworth’s submitted something??? Forget it, I give up!!! Nice work, Mike!

  3. i tried making an entry for this but ran out of juice
    i submitted it anyway but it stops halfway through the song

  4. here’s my entry for 15 step,

    I also had alot of fun doing this. I love making music videos. It is the perfect length of animation, in my opinion, for creating interesting narratives and awsome visuals.


  5. Great Stuff!

    I also submitted a storyboard for 15 steps.

    I sketched out most of it on paper, scanned the drawings and then composited everything in Flash. I also drew a little bit in Flash. I had a lot of fun forcing myself to squeeze out a weird story so quickly. Even if I don’t win I think this will be my next film.

  6. Andrew Kauervane Also did one of these!
    You can check it out at his deviantART site!
    But its only half completed!

  7. i’ve made an animatic
    for the song “all i need”
    calls “monster’s mouth”

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