Borutski Stars On All Girl Team

Fuel Industries, an Ontario-based Branded Entertainment company. The site is now host to All Girl Star Squad, a new gaming property featuring “a trio of female videogame champions who are recruited by a rag-tag team of aliens to help fight against a deluded fire queen.” The site will feature games, a “mall,” networking and webisodes. Hopefully they all look as beautiful as this clip below. Jessica Borutski designed the characters, which were brought to life by Jamie Gallant and Max Chiasson. Ben Reynolds added background designs and props, while Scott Dobbs helped on the painting front.


  1. anim_crit May 5, 2008

    girl on girl? its that kid appropriate?

  2. anim_crit May 5, 2008

    on a serious note, lets hope this game takes off for them and doesnt “crap-out” like their other “big” kids game…

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