Craig Gulps Down Nesquik Project

Allison Craig recently added her animation talents to a Nesquik campaign. As she pointed out on her blog, Allison animated the Nesquik rabbit and Jan Naylor did the clean-up – all in Flash. The spot is a promotion for the Where Does Nesquik Take You? contest.

And they also lent their skills to this subway tunnel campaign below. These are typically done with a series of computer controlled LED screens positioned at even distances along a subway tunnel.


  1. Short, but nice animation!

    How the heck do they do they do that subway thing? LED panels along a tunnel? That’s gotta be like a hundred plus panels!

  2. Allison May 2, 2008

    Aaron! Thanks for the shout out! And Scotty A-the animation wrapped up at 358 frames (at 24 fps). I’d love to walk through that subway tunnel and see how far it stretches. …without any trains of course. :)

  3. LED panels? Are you sure? I’ve seen them, I think in Boston, and they were just plain ol’ poster thingies. I can’t see any need for them to be LED panels except for them needing to be lit.

    They work really well though, whatever way they are doing them.

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