Piecham Has Right Ingredients For Annecy

Trevor Piecham, who resides in Boston, animated his first short film, titled Hyperactive Ingredients. Piecham, who holds a day job at Soup2Nuts, drew the initial keyframes traditionally and then executed the inbetweens in Flash. The short feels ripe for a Spike & Mike’s screening, but you’ll never guess where it ended up – Annecy. That’s right, the highly-regarded French animation festival accepted Piecham’s short, and screened it alongside Augenblick’s Golden Age in a 2007 collection titled Politically incorrect: Why Not?

NSFW – complete with buckets of spew, scat and blood.


  1. Congrats, Trevor!

    As you know, this made me poop my pants the first time I saw this.

  2. Allison May 14, 2008

    hahaha! Awesome, Trevor, I remember this one. Congrats and hope all’s well!

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