The Making of 3D Machine

Back in January, we wrote about Ka-Ching Cartoon’s Flash animated short 3D Machine. I’ve now seen the 7-minute film, and Joost van den Bosch and Erik Verkerk have created an extremely unique short, and the process by which they created this eye-popping 3D experience is equally as unique. Below we start with the trailer for 3D Machine, and then we’re treated to 3 “making of” shorts. [3D-glasses optional]



  1. The animatic vs animation doesn’t seem to be working. I wish there was a place I could see the finished piece.

  2. I saw it somewhere and it is great.. these lads are great. Plus they boast some of the best hair cuts in the animation business

  3. This is awesome!!!

  4. That was amazing! I love the 3D effect, and a great story to boot!

  5. Great stuff chaps!!

  6. WOW that is so WICKED! I love the art direction/sound design/music/everything about this project so far! I’m pretty sure the story will rock but even if its kinda stinky this looks like it will be an audio/visual feast! Oh that animatic was really slick too :D

  7. Brilliant! The 3D effect looks great. I especially like the animatic vs animation clip. Great job!

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