French Duo Saw What Was Possible

wrote about Cut&Paste’s See What’s Possible Challenge, sponsored by Adobe, which featured several shorts animated in Flash. I somehow missed this one, titled Living Colorforms, which was designed and animated by Claude William Trebutien (Burning Safari). It should come as no surprise that Trebutien is a Gobelins graduate, and the art direction was provided by Baeyens Michael, who attended ESRA in Paris.

Head over to to the TroisCube website to see how they created the short, a process that also involved After Effects.


  1. Sharkcellar June 25, 2008

    The screenshots are too small on the site. I’d like to know if the flash animation was done at 30fps or 24fps, or what.

  2. Pure awesomeness. Excellent work.

  3. Top Shelf animation.

    Very good stuff.

  4. Awesome run cycle. Those suckers can move.

    TroisCube have generously made the Flash source file available for download:

  5. Manji312 June 25, 2008

    They were animated at 25fps. You can download the fla source from the TroisCube website.

  6. Manji312 June 25, 2008

    Oops missed the comment above. Sorry

  7. I missed that the download for the flash file was right there on the site.

  8. wow!

  9. Great!!!

  10. hi guys! thanks for your comments!

    check my blog!!! ;)

  11. Thanks for the link to your blog, Claude-William. ‘Burning Safari’ is a knock out. That is one dynamic short! Would love to see it on the big screen. Great cinematography and character work.

  12. Thanks for all your comments and for speaking about us on your blog, even if we were not finalists ;)

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