MassArt Students Show Great Promise

My pal David Schlafman sent along a whole mess of MassArt links. According to David, the creator of Philippe and Pierre, the Massachusetts College of Art + Design “encourages self-exploration and experimentation,” but it’s also apparent that they’re using Flash more like an ink-and-paint program. It’s very promising to see young artists taking this approach to the digital media – using it as a tool to express organic forms of animation. Onto the films….

Alex Butera created this short Baman Piderman a year ago:

… and then Interview with Dali this year:

Next, Jamie McKiernan created this piece, Off The Path, with relies on audio captured from her relatives.

Laura Piraino animated this short in Flash, printed out each frame and then added watercolor painting. it’s a heartbreaking tale of two women with clinical depression who endured electroconvulsive therapy. This is ECT: The Story of Two Women.


  1. Great films!!

    I really enjoyed Baman and Piderman from Alex. Pretty funny. I love the style of Dali’s Interview. Very organic and free. These made my day.

  2. these are absolutely brilliant pieces of work… need to say no more

  3. Thanks to Dave for sharing Mass Art talent with the rest of the animation word. And special congratulations to Jamie and Laura who I had the pleasure of meeting in the past couple weeks.

    Great to see people using Flash while throttling down on tweening aspects of the program.

  4. Man these are great! So inspiring to see such inventive use of flash. Makes me want to make film! I love the Baman and Piderman. Its so funny! Not a bad last nem too might I say ;-) Great job to all of you over in Mass Art!

  5. wynand June 12, 2008

    very wel done =) all very nicely told

  6. Wonderful work classmates. Its great seeing your fine work displayed on this site . Thumbs up! ;-)

  7. Awesome stuff. I loved “Off the Path.” The auntie bird was great.

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