The 10 Best Animated Flash Films

Today we’re thrilled to be launching the biggest ColdHardFlash online event yet – The Flash Animation 10: Best Animated (read the press release here). The Flash Animation 10: Most Influential story from 2006, which included hysterical shorts JibJab, Homestar Runner, Happy Tree Friends and many others. That was a celebration of online films that made an impact on our culture, but today we focus on the animation craft itself. We bring you 10 animated shorts produced in Flash, hand-picked by a blue-ribbon panel of judges.

Join us and our sponsor, MyToons, as we pay tribute to the artists who brought these visions to life. Click below and you’ll find lengthy interviews with each of the 10 directors and, of course, the animated shorts themselves.


  1. man…some of those films are pretty awesome. I’ve seen a few of them before, but not all of them. Certainly there are some that have a real essence of freedom with regards to style and are unbound to traditional methods in many ways. Cudos to all that are up there.


    Boo Radley

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your short Bradley! grats on your spot :)

  3. good

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