Two Studios Team Up For Three Delivery

Animation Collective and Fatkat Studios have teamed up to deliver a new Flash-animated series for Nicktoons Network. The 26-episode order of Three Delivery premieres this Friday at 7:30, and it’s also slated for YTV and the BBC.

The show, which features 3 Kung-Fu teens who deliver fresh food and fists of fury, features a traditionally animated look, which isn’t the common approach for TV series produced in Flash.

Here’s short clip from an episode:

These clips below are selected action and effect shots from the production, animated by folks like Jon Lambe, Melanie Albert, Matt Taylor, Jeff Davis and Neven Nesic, and overseen by Robert Keith Anderson, one of the animation supervisors.


Click on the thumbnails below so see some background layouts from the series production:

Lastly, let’s hear from some of the artists and production staff who worked out of the Miramichi-based studio:

It’s a rare occurrence to be able to animate in a traditional style in Canada in a Flash environment, and I find that it forces me to apply all the art and animation techniques I’ve learned over the years.
-Tavis Silbernagel – Director, Three Delivery, Fatkat

Anything worth doing in life is hard and this show is no exception. Long days, cold nights, the hard but worthwhile fights. At the end of the day it all comes together with final picture and sound and you pick yourself up off of the dirty floor and shake off the discarded candy wrappers that you used as a blanket and say, “yes, that’s the show we wanted to make.”
-Robbie Anderson – VP of Production, Fatkat

Three Delivery has been one of the best opportunities I’ve had in the animation business to do something truly different. The characters are believable and easy to sympathize with and the artwork doesn’t follow the usual rules of geometric shapes and bright colors.
-Alan Foreman, Art Director, Three Delivery, Animation Collective

Three Delivery is proof that you can traditionally animate an entire long format series in flash, and that you can do it here in North America with studios like AC and Fatkat.
-Gene Fowler, President, Fatkat


  1. Hello!I got the most reliable knowledge about flash animations have nowadays become best way to showcase overview of an enterprise. Thank you!

  2. hahaha no June 27, 2008

    ugly emo characters fight evil
    hot topic merchandise coming soon
    collect them all

  3. Dave Rigley June 27, 2008

    I think Tobey’s the only one with the emo haircut hotshot. Also, Hot Topic switched to other cliche clothing styles last I heard. Generic insults won’t cut it anymore, watch the episode tonight and THEN slam us :)

    Anywho, I can’t wait to hear what kids(aka target audience) think about the show. It’s been fun working on it but really straining my poor lazy tween loving brain. It’ll be nice to find out how all this hard work turns out in their eyes.

  4. They should have just outsourced the entire animation to FatKat.

  5. anonymous June 29, 2008

    i’ve been waiting to see this episode for MONTHS now! how long did it take to make?

  6. bemused animator June 29, 2008


  7. The layouts look fantastic, wicked color pallete.

  8. Anonymous June 30, 2008

    Ugh. Terrible.

  9. pft… people with real opinions aren’t afraid to leave there name.

    To get back to question 5, originally it took us 4 weeks to rough this episode, then about 4 weeks to clean it up. At the same time background, and bg paint were working diligently to complete the first round of bgs, and combined with post production, and sound design, all in all about 3 months.
    However due to forces unseen to Fatkat, we had to speed up the process. Now Myself and 3 other lead animators key out 60% of the entire episode ( the harder more action orentied shots), in a week, so animators are workin on about 15-20 sec’s a week ( thats rough to completly clean and colored and shadow passed animation) and in the 2nd week the rest of the show is done. So now were doing about 600 scenes in 2 weeks, complete to color and shadow pass. And the funny thing is that were on the later episodes of the season, and in my opinion there turning VASTLY better, in a quarter the time…..

    Go figure.

    Jon Lambe.

  10. anonymous July 5, 2008

    and yer paying by the second… great way to treat your peeps…

    and the design sucks sorry…

  11. Replying. August 21, 2008

    Yeah. See, okay, if you like, it, go ahead. I don’t care if you’re stupid.

    The truth is, this doesn’t seem like an original show. Why? Because it isn’t.

    The voice actors are what grate my nerves to most. Before anyone starts foaming at the mouth and stabbing their screens, guess what? I AM the target audience. I am twelve, and jeez… I tried to sit through an episode and just couldn’t make it.

    The characters are NOT easy to sympathize with. The show (from what I was able to force myself to sit through) was NOT FUNNY and the characters are so bland, with no personality. Of course, there’s the lead girl who “kicks butt” and is very, very clever (rolls eyes) and then there is the comic relief which is supposed to make you chuckle but just got me annoyed with stupid jokes. Then there’s the “semi-casual cool” guy who has some diificulties but ALWAYS manages to overcome his weaknesses aka beat the “bad guy” with some lame moral he learned. The bad guy was a bitch too.

    Back to the voice characters… Good God, they are HORRIBLE!! They don’t even SOUND Asian, except for that one girl, who’s voice actress is Asian! what’s wrong with TV when they have to hire a White guy in America to play some teenager living in China or wherever the heck it is?! Get some real Asians that don’t sound like they’re talking through their noses and have whiny, 33-yr-old nasal, high pitched voices. Bleugh! I think I would have like it better- no, at least liked it- if the voices weren’t such utter CRAP.

    Argue with me all you like, but the only audience this show is gonna get is 16-year-olds that have no other lives. This pree-teen isn’t stupid enough to buy this joke-of-a-show that won’t last for more than one season MAXIMUM.

    End of rant that still is full of truth.

  12. kids are stupid August 28, 2008

    hahahahahaha….. were producing season 2 right now snippy.

  13. The characters are dry,
    they are hard to relate to and typical.
    The plot is predictable.
    However the animation catches your eye,
    and is very creative, the style is different from
    common cartoons and the characters are drawn nicely.

  14. Damn straight!

  15. i think anyone who does not like this show, probably doesn’t like anything much, and is just having a crappy life.

    you have issues that don’t have much to do with Three Delivery, or anything else outside yourself.

  16. and the characters are living in San Fransisco, Chinatown, i grew up around there.
    no accents needed…

  17. hope you get some help, being such an unhappy and judgmental 12 year old.

  18. and anon,
    i don’t find the plots predictable at all. in fact you never know what they will do next and it has not once been any situation that i remember seeing on another show. i find it all very original and fun to watch.
    could you have possibly predicted Sid getting stuck into a paint shaker by kong li’s men just in ‘paint problem, the most recent episode for example? I don’t think so.
    Funny how people take the time to post their negative thoughts, but rarely the positive.
    Lighten up.

  19. Awesome fun show! My son loves it (have to record it because it is on so late) and I enjoy it, too. The animation style rocks, keep up the good work. Especially like the foot-dodging-while-eating-noodles sequence. You are obviously having a ton of fun making this!! Any chance we’ll be seeing some show-related merch?

  20. Will there be anymore episodes? I really want to see what happens next between Tobey and KongLi ^ ^

  21. Three delivery is a really great show, definetly one of my favorites. The art and story line are excellant. Are there going to be more episodes?

  22. This show is dead.

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