CSI Boards The Mystery Machine

The College University team of Mike and Andy Parker gave us a cereal-themed Flash-animation earlier this summer. They created that short for CollegeHumor.com, and now they’re back with another animated spoof. CSI: Scooby Doo merges two crime-fighting series into one two-minute short.


  1. The laugh-track was classic!

  2. Nice job. Better than most of the crap on Adult Swim.

  3. haha classic, i dislike how all those crime investigation shows hav taken over pretty much all chanels on a normal weeknight, lol classic is pretty much all i can say. very funny

  4. Richard July 25, 2008

    I actually rather hate the laugh-track

  5. I think the best scooby doo mockery was on the venture bros. I did like the constantly recycled background. And to will, their was a time when hanna-barbera flooded the airwaves with crime investigation shows… they were just all cartoons. C’mon you guys, can you name them all?

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