Krystal Unwraps Best Present Ever

Krystal Georgiou, a graduate of the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, spent 6 months animating her final film, titled Best Present Ever. The short, which was animated entirely in Flash, follows the fallout of a postal mix-up.

Head over to Krystal’s blog to see heaps of character development and a SWF of her rough animation.

Big thanks to Sean McKenzie for the story tip.


  1. That was fantastic. The animation was great. Loved when the mad scientist guy took the telescope out of his coat.

  2. =) very cool, nice story and sence of telling it, nice physical comedy 2 =) goodluck to you

  3. Bill Hinds July 10, 2008

    Great humor, in the writing and in the animation.
    Very entertaining.

  4. Great work!! Wonderful design, animation, and concept! Especially well done for a student film! Very professional! :D

  5. Loved the fall down stairs. Quality stuff!

  6. WOW… what a true FLASH inspiration. I could watch that all day!

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