McLeod Brothers Prepping Codswallop

Below is an exclusive look at latest film from the Brothers McLeod. According to the McLeods, Codswallop “is a subconscious drift through despair, frustration, joy and redemption.” You’ll also notice in this trailer below that this film a split-screen production, complete with split audio tracks. We’ll surely let you know when the complete film is available for viewing.



  1. I’m looking forward to this one. If you release this online will that hinder your chances to have this film accepted into festivals? For example, does anybody know if Annecy or Ottawa will play films that have been online?

    Good job brothers!

  2. Yep it will damage it’s chances – we won’t put it online til it’s done the festivals so late next year is my guess. We are trying to get it into as many festivals as possible so hopefully it will screen somewhere near you soon.


  3. Hi Todd. We won’t release online until it’s done the festival circuit for just that reason. Myles. TBM

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