Miller’s Head in the Clouds

Sam Miller, a 21-year old student at the University of Hertfordshire, created this 2-minute short Clouds, which follows a young girl’s adventures flying through the sky. The film, which took Miller around 5 months to complete, was produced as part of his second year at school. The character animation was created in Flash, and the clouds were handled in After Effects.


  1. kongobot July 7, 2008

    Really appealing designs. Great story. Love the punch line.

  2. Great stuff!

  3. wouldn’t that be fun!

  4. Someone’s been watching some Animé. Great stuff though

  5. Lovely lovely…

  6. This was way more than I expected. I even liked the storyboard better.

  7. Fuckin hell….that’s inspiring! And he’s 21?!!?!!

  8. Gasper July 9, 2008

    I agree with Gene Fowler, it is inspiring!

  9. hey,
    awesome work. really like it.

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