Simon’s Cat Prepares TV Dinner

Back in March, we highlighted the immensely popular Simon’s Cat series created by Simon Tofield. This Flash-animated series, which has been viewed nearly 10 million times on YouTube alone, is produced by Tandem Films. The latest episode, titled TV Dinner, released yesterday:

The episode Cat Man Do was recently awarded Best Comedy at the 2008 British Animation Awards.


  1. LOL!!! It isnt often that a little animation like this can make me really laugh! All of these ones that I’ve seen have been successful so far! Love it!

  2. This is just classic! hilarious!

  3. andrew shoemaker July 17, 2008

    i love this so free.

  4. Hey! What’s my cat doing on that guy’s lap!!

  5. That is 100% my friend and his cat. I had to send that to him. It’s so funny and well done.

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