Tune In To Nite Fite Sell Out

You may recall the Nite Fite segment of The Meth Minute 39, which features two animated talk show hosts Penalty and Lloyd. The concept, which was created by Dan Meth and Mark Vitelli, has been spun off to it’s own web series. Three episodes are available for your viewing pleasure, including this one titled Sell Out.


  1. Thanks for the posting Aaron! You and CHF have my undying love, as well as my eternal gratefulness.

  2. That’s pretty funny. I like it. I think I need some Starbursts.

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  1. [...] But most importantly to us, all three episodes of Nite Fite so far have an average rating of five stars on both YouTube and the Nite Fite site, and comments are overwhelmingly positive. Nite Fite has been featured by the editors of YouTube, iTunes, and Yahoo! Video, and by some of our favorite blogs including Drawn! and Cold Hard Flash. [...]

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