UFO Takes Flight For Delcourt

Paris-based Blue Spirit Animation has produced the pilot of a new Flash-animated series Ovni (or UFO in English). The series, which is directed by Jean-Luc Francois, is based on the Delcourt book of the same name, created by Lewis Trondheim and Fabrice Parma. The series is slated for 52 5-minute episodes and aimed at Canal+ Family and Teletoon.


  1. At first I thought, “hmm. Kiddy show”. Then the dino’s eye fell out to the sound of a pingpong ball. Then all hell breaks loose.

  2. I sincerely hope the series finds its way to a cable channel near me. Entirely unexpected and very, very clever and funny. On a technical level, I really dig those crazy particle effects.

  3. So now we know what really happened to the dinosaurs. hmmm.

  4. cute. effcient!

  5. Adorable! Succinct! Efficient! Funny! I love it! :D

    And the alien’s voice reminds me of the rabbits from Ray Man, which cracks me up!

  6. So, I wonder if they used Flash, Toonboom or something else?

  7. A lot of fun with a nice look to it. Would like to see more. Love the sound effects like the ping pong ball sound for the eyeball falling out.

  8. I like the little guy’s scream. AAAauuuughhhh!!!

  9. Justin July 4, 2008

    Im shocked at the positive feedback! I thought that was terrible. Very hard to follow and theres absolutely no style! I could only make it through about 45 seconds…

  10. Everybody’s got different tastes, but is it possible to create anything animated without some kind of style? I dont believe so…

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