Fiends Featured In LA Weekly

on the cover this week, but inside readers will find a famous Flash-animator. Amy Winfrey is the topic in Making Fiends: Amy Windrey’s Animated Vendetta, a favorable article by Gendy Alimurung about the upcoming Nickelodeon series Making Fiends, which started out as a web series. Congrats to Winfrey on the immenent series launch – we’re all pulling for you.

In related news, this same topic was posted at last week, and I have yet to read one cross comment about Flash. Perhaps it’s because few folks know the series is produced in Flash (the LA Weekly article doesn’t mention Flash), but I’d like to believe that the software is starting to catch a break or two. Getting really tired of defending Flash, aren’t you?


  1. I was completely blind-sided by this show at Comic Con this year. I knew nothing about it and only stumbled into the “Making Fiends” panel because it was before whatever I was coming to see. The show looked awesome and I can’t wait to see more. Very inspiring knowing that it started as a homemade web series. Count me as a fan!

  2. This was also one of the first shows at Nickelodeon, if not THE first, to use Flash for both the storyboards and the animatic edit. It streamlined our process greatly and in the end, I think the animation benefited from it.

  3. I am glad to see more and more shows using Flash, not that it is the absolute next frontier, but taking a place next to other methods of production. Flash is a great artistic TOOL!

  4. This homemade web series is very inspiring for the little guys! Thanks.

  5. It looks fantastic, I loved the web series, and I’m glad it’s coming soon to broadcast television, it’s taken 10 years, but Flash is finally getting a better reputation for being a versatile tool for any design style of animation, from character models, storyboarding, animatic editing and full-on animation and FX.

  6. awesome! i’m glad people are noticing this stuff and it’s getting some recognition!

    flash definitely deserves a break from all the ridiculous crit. too!!!

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