Pincemi and Pincemoi

Melou.Roub created this Flash-animated short while at ECV (École de Communication Visuelle) in Bordeaux, France. It’s titled L’histoire de Pincemi et Pincemoi, a story about conflicting belief systems and love.


  1. That was very enjoyable! I loved the dancing animation of the red guy. :)

  2. That was amazing! Very imaginative and fun, I dig the style.

  3. Very well done! So life isn’t about red vs. blue. It’s about boys vs. girls!

  4. Fun and beautiful…
    Congratulations to Melou Roub !!!

  5. that was ten times swell – which according to my calculations is very very high on the swell chart.

  6. So smart. So simple and beautiful; goes to show how “less is more” in some cases. Plus didn’t let the usually limitations of typical Flash BG’s get in the way.

    Nice find!

  7. so very nice!

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