Buddhist Monkey Fired Up in KA-POW!

Happy Tree Friends spin-off series KA-POW! has been released. It features the Buddhist Monkey is his third starring role; his previous appearances were in Enter the Garden and Books of Fury. In this episodes, which is by far the most action-packed, we learn the back-story on how the Buddhist Monkey lost his hair. The 3-minute shorts was directed by Alan Lau who oversaw animation at Ghostbot, while animation was handled by Roque Ballesteros, Tony Cliff, Amanda Lattrell, Alan Lau, Brad Rau, Kris Toscanini and Lyla Warren. If you paid attention to the end credits, you’ll see that effects animation was handled by none other than Adam Phillips, the Flash-animation wizard behind Brackenwood.


  1. nice one… grand dynamic leaping about.. lovelly designs… and the song at the end is class

  2. Great. The timing is amazing. It really sells the movement. I love action-oriented animation like this. Cool stuff.

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