Comic-Con Interview With Tom Fulp

Comic-Con coverage continues (2 months after the event), with our Tom Fulp interview. Fulp, as you may know, is the founder of and also a partner in the gaming company The Behemoth. In this 3-minute interview below, we cover the launch of Castle Crashers, new figurines for sale, tricks for succeeding on Newgrounds (be original and team up with other talented folks) and Tom’s continued collaborations with animator Dan Paladin. And make sure you pay attention to the people standing behind us wearing what looks like toilet seats around their necks. Oh Comic-con, how I love you.


This isn’t our first interview with Tom. Check out Tom The Tank Engine, our 2-part interview from 2005. And another big thanks to the team at Mondo Media for the help producing this interview – especially to Jason Costello and Nate Johnson, the man behind the camera.


  1. Castle crashers is awsome lol, i bought a xbox just to play it, and its kept me busy for the past 5 days =) defnitly check it out if you have a 360. lol toms the man

  2. I love the first half dozen questions that are asked mainly because of Aaron’s reactions to Tom grabbing the microphone to answer them. By the forth one Aaron chokes up on the mic and Tom grabs from the bottom.

    Priceless! :)

  3. HAHA! I couldn’t stop paying attention to the microphone battle going on either!
    Great game! Nice work by Paladin.

  4. LOL, this interview made me laugh because of how Tom kept taking the mic.

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