Dye Grabs MyToons Grand Prize

Allan Dye, an animator we’ve written about a number of times before, has picked up the Grand Prize in MyToons’ Get with the Times! HD Animation Contest. His Flash-animated short A.D.D. Jane has landed him a number of prizes include an Adobe’s Creative Suite 3: Master Collection and a trip to NYC where he’ll see his short broadcast on the giant Clear Channel video billboard in Times Square. If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the film, which is embedded in MyToons’ HD player. Click that “FS” button (full-screen) to see the high quality goodness.


  1. Yarrrrrr matey! Many congratulations to ya thar, for your fine, fine work! It be a fine animatorrrrr behind all that thar story n’ art, it be…


  2. I loved the animation, concept, and color scheme. It was very cute. :3

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