MyMeebas Spot Evolves at Titmouse

I just spotted a post today on Allison Craig’s blog about an animated spot for MyMeebas, the digital tube toy that eventually reveals a plush doll. Allison designed and animated with Pam Friend, while Tony Andrade handled clean-up and color. The spot was produced at Titmouse. I like imagining that a saccharine-sweet MyMeebas scene is being animated just a few feet away from an animator on the death-metal series Metalocalypse, which is also animated at Titmouse.



  1. hi mymeebas company ummm i tijahae holt would like 2 know how do u guys make these things because they r so cute my birthday is coming up on october 9th im already 9yrs old i am going to be turning 10 and i jus want a pink and purple meeba sincerly tijahae wright me back today or 2morrow bye!

  2. mackenzie peterson November 1, 2008

    how do meebas grow

  3. meebas grow when you play games with them and win hearts then when you play all 7 levels and you do some games you can push a button on your left and a little colored stuffed very tiny little animal shaped as a little peble in a weird way but then you can play with it!

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