Phillips Teaches The Animators Tools

The Animator’s Tools, and in the 49 page PDF you get a full run-down of Flash’s toolset and how to best take advantage of the possibilities. It’s all leading up to his eventual release of the BiteyCastle Academy Flash Animation eBook. We shiver at the mere thought….



  1. Fonce Falooda September 25, 2008

    Surprised he didn’t forget how to use all the tools since he converted to Toon Boom! ;)

    Kidding. Adam is a phenomenon, and I just recently blew some people’s minds by showing them “Waterlollies”. SOOOOO fast!

    Still, someone should let him know that Flash has bones now! No 3D camera though… yet! Get on it, Daves!

  2. While this is great stuff, I don’t really agree with the notion that “you can… create a solid short film in hours or a few days”. Surely it takes much more than knowing how to animate in Flash?

    Aaron – you probably get this, but I do think that such a statement might mislead people.

    My two cents.

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