Spaceballs – Battle of the Galactic Orbs

Spaceballs become a porno? In this promo below, G4 is employing the “stiffy-strategy” to promote their new Flash-animated series, a show based on Mel Brooks’ 1987 Star Wars parody feature of the same name. I mean, the original film had its fair share of sexual innuendos, but it’s more hoots than hooters. The new project starts on September 21st at 3pm ET (the original feature first, then the series premiere).


The series is being animated at Fantasy Prone. This other promo is infused with far less Viagra.


  1. are you frikin kidding me?

  2. Freedom Lover September 15, 2008


  3. I sure hope the show is not like that preview… or their website… I’m a HUGE Mel Brooks fan, and this is not Mel Brooks humor. Epic fail.

  4. Oh, I was so hoping you would ignore this. What an embarrassment.

  5. No good.... September 15, 2008

    unfortunately, I know a bunch of people who were working on the project, and it’s been riddled with problems from the beginning (remember, this is from the same guys that bought you Jake’s Booty Call).

    any of those character designs look familiar?

    Not only was Fantasy Prone terrible about paying people, but quality wise, the project was run horribly. You have a potentially viable project with a built in fan base, and from what I saw, they did nothing with it. The stories, animation, and character designs are all terrible.

    I saw how some of those files were set up and it would just make you cry they were SO bad- it’s like their production pipeline was stuck in late 1990s.

    I shudder to think how it’s going to reflect on the flash industry as a whole, honestly- this is the stigma that good flash animators try to avoid…

  6. “I shudder to think” you took the time to write all that.Honestly.

  7. G4: MTV3

  8. Wow. Poorly written, poorly animated and poorly executed. TRIFECTA. Yeah, I know, sometimes you create great animation, sometimes you just pull down a paycheck. Hope everyone who had to work on this got paid well. Sincerely, I mean it…Tom Fulp would turn his nose up at this.

  9. Robojones September 16, 2008

    These can’t be the promo’s the show Mel Brooks was said to be producing?!!!
    I won’t believe it.


  10. Whats sad is alot of people put alot of hard work into the show, which happens a lot in the industry. Tons of dedication and effort with not such a great outcome. I don’t think this will taint flash’s reputation however.

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