2008 Election Animation Round-up

This Land. This Flash-animated parody blasted both Bush and Kerry, and then went on to set online records with over 80 million views. A few months later YouTube hit the scene, and now in this 2008 election season, we’re overrun by animated election parodies. The difference this year is almost all of them are one-sided, and in particular left-leaning (aside from JibJab’s nonpartisan Time For Some Campaignin’). As you watch the various Flash-animated samples below, question if JibJab’s nonpartisan approach is the key to millions of views.

John McCain & Straight Talk Express: Palin vs Lieberman is from the gang behind Lil’ Bush. Click here to for a behind the scenes video.

Oh, McCain by Charlie Fink. Directed by Tony Grillo.

Oliver Stone’s P. Trailer by Yehudi Mercado

Oh, we’re not done yet….

Another one directed by Tony Grillo – The Two McCains Episode 3: My Foreign Fallacy.

Palin’s Qualifications by Mike Keefe, Editorial Cartoonist for the Denver Post.

Obama on the Run by Howard Tiersky

Mark Fiore’s McCain Iraq 2008

Everybody Loves Palin by JABOK

Halin’ Palin by Shaun Reimers

And I didn’t even get into the games! Here’s one Flash-based game: 270: White House Defense.


  1. -This Land: quality Flash, but had nothing to say.

    -John McCain & Straight Talk Express: I liked how John was animated. But (how do you say) UNpoignant?

    -Oh Mccain: Has a real message, at least.

    -Oliver Stone’s P: Now that’s more like it.

  2. Thanks for the compilation, Aaron. I did one about two months ago on the VP selection process as well:


  3. UUUGGGH I wish people would make real cartoons instead of the same old tired political parodies, it’s so boring. How many do we need, really? How many are actually well made? The Jib-Jab ones are the only ones I can stand. I feel sorry for the animators working on these. There’s so much more you can do with the medium.

  4. Ah the magic of politics!
    Here is my contribution to the fray….

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