Collideascope End Credits

Michael-Andreas Kuttner
Michael-Andreas Kuttner

Back in August, the Halifax-based animation studio Collideascope closed its doors. The studio, which began in 1995, was one of the first in the world to use Flash for broadcast TV, pioneering on the series Olliver’s Adventures. The shop will close at the end of this month, and co-founder Michael-Andreas Kuttner pointed us to a recent article that serves as “a eulogy.” The Halifax newspaper The Coast featured a story titled Empty Frames last week, which identifies Collideascope as producing nine shows, 90 hours of cartoons and employing around 400 animators from all over Canada. According to Kuttner’s blog, they had 120 full-time employees at their peak last year. It appears that timing was the culprit, as Kuttner points out. They were scheduled to start a new project this Fall but a delay pushed it off, plus the Canadian studios have seen a great deal of service work head to Asia in recent months. Regardless, the legacy they leave behind will live on in the projects they produced and the artists’ careers that were founded and nurtured at Collideascope. Us animators can also enjoy the many wonderful animation tutorials archived on their blog. Congrats on a great run, guys, and a very graceful exit.


  1. Wow, that’s really too bad that they chose to close down altogether. Great job paying all of your employees fully and stiffing them – very admirable way to end.

  2. “and NOT stiffing them” -sorry for the typo above.

  3. Collidea-hater October 1, 2008

    Best news all year! These guys were responsible for some of the ugliest, worst shows ever to be featured on television:

    Delilah and Julius, Ollie’s Adventures, Bromwell High and their newest eyesore, Speed Racer. Need I say more?

    It’s ok though, now it’s finally time for FatKat to step up and become the newest primary producers of the cheap, ugly cartoons.

  4. pretty sad, but then again all good things come to an end, and i’m sure everyone will find somthing to busy themselves with again in notime, good job guys

  5. Sure their cartoons might not have been the most visually appealing or best written shows in the world but they acted as a launching pad for many animators careers. It’s never good news when a North American studio closes their doors. Especially when those employees lose their jobs to the overseas market. I often find that the haters in this industry are the ones who lack enough talent to hold down a job.

  6. Bingo Todd,

    Folks no one wants to work with anyway.


  7. Lucifer October 7, 2008

    Hey collidea-hater, dare to put your name up? Or better yet, your super awesome animation that everyone will be in awe and wet their pants when they see it? I for one would love to wet myself good staring at your amazing choices of design and animation.

    This is terrible news. I just hope the guys that were there make another studio in the Maritimes. That place is still home sweet home.

  8. Thanks for posting this Aaron.

  9. Ragga Modz October 9, 2008

    Hey Guys keep your head up take some time off research stay small and come back to the drawing board.
    Never mind the bad critics they have know idea what it takes to run a studio.
    that’s why they are haters.

    At least you guys can say you had a studio 10 yrs + so this happening means that you already know what to do

    Its not about overseas is the question its about being different and coming up with more creative projects that will appeal to your audience.

    Or becoming the next Pixar?( They did it why can’t you)

    Good luck

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