Flash Feature Film Faux Pas

led the charge to clean up the Wikipedia entry on “Flash animation,” and helped confirm which Flash animated project was the first to play on TV (WhirlGirl – 1999). So with that in mind, we turn our attention to a recent press release about Jai Vigneshwar, a Flash-animated feature film produced in India. While we’re thrilled that yet another feature film has been produced in Flash, we don’t agree with their claim of creating “the world’s first 2D Flash animation movie.” That title appears to be Bryon E. Carson’s – for his feature film The Golden Blaze. Congrats to the team at Mayajaal Entertainment Limited, but we recommend a little fact checking next time you make an announcement.


  1. Aaron – I hate to be a stickler for such inane details but there is a “Flash animated” feature with a release date a full year before Golden Blaze, the pioneering, seminal work Bikini Bandits Save Christmas.


  2. Author

    I don’t think that ever made the theaters. Its unrated. Thanks for pointing it out tho.

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