Spanish Team Imagines New Pilot

Spain-based Machango Studio has released the 5-minute pilot episode of a new series aimed at teens and adults titled Jonas – The Animated Series. The Flash-animated show follows Jonas, an only child with limited possessions and an abundant imagination. The pilot is titled Jonas and the Bathtub.


  1. Great story! Fun animation. Felicitaciones a todos. I hope we get to see future episodes here in the USA.

  2. I can see the huge influence of Calvin and Hobbes here.

  3. Thanks!

    We’ll upload 2 more episodes soon.

  4. Min_goku October 28, 2008


  5. Great stuff. Nice story.

  6. daviddeubi October 28, 2008

    Lo bueno, cuando es bueno, es muy bueno. Siempre he pensado que eráis así y me alegro enormemente que los demás comiencen a verlo.

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