Yogi Bear’s Healthy Italian Picnic

Working in the Italian department at Cartoon Network’s London office, Giulia Barbera (what an appropriate name, right?) and Jacopo Lanza have resurrected Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and Ranger Smith. In this series of 6 mini-episodes, the Italian Boomerang network utilizes the Jellystone park gang to promote healthy eating. Federico Parodi handled the background layouts. All six of the Flash-animated shorts are featured in this assembly below, and you may notice that the 4th one has no audio.


  1. I really liked those couple of backgrounds, and the colors were pretty nice (except Boo Boo’s tie, ewww). The animation wasn’t very good though…

  2. haha yogi eating bruschetta and crostata!?!?

    these guys are a couple of paisanos now

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