Disney Chefs Up Healthy Helping of ZeFronk

Tasty Time with ZeFronk stars a French dachshund who cooks up a storm in his doghouse, alongside his assistant, a bird named Sue. Viewers can go to the website to see and print recipes demonstrated on the show. The shorts are directed by Robert C. Ramirez and Joe Menendez, and animated at Oddbot, Inc.

Here’s a clip from the episode Tomato Surprise:


And here’s the show’s title sequence:



  1. Looks cute. It’s a good idea for a series of shorts. Unfortunately, I think that theme song is going to loop in my brain for a good 24 hours.

  2. i like zefronk shows but the easy ones like smoothes and shakes boy thoes things are good!!!!! can zefronk make most showes defrent kind of smoothes and shakes that will make me happy and others to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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